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Recital Web

Recital Web is a server-side scripting language with an embedded database for creating dynamic Web pages.

Recital Web incorporates a feature-rich scripting language that is especially suited for Web Database development. It is embedded into HTML pages in the same way as you would build dynamic pages in PHP with the big difference being that the Recital Web scripting language is compatible with Recital, FoxPRO, FoxBASE and the Clipper programming languages.

With Recital Web you can rapidly build web-based database applications that interact with back-end Recital, FoxPro, FoxBASE, clipper, and CISAM data. No additional database software needs to be installed to achieve this functionality as it is all handled internally by Recital Web.

You create Recital Web HTML pages with an ".rsp" file extension. When a visitor requests the page, the server processes the Recital commands embedded in the page and sends the results to the visitor's browser, just as with ASP or PHP.

Recital Web runs on Windows and Linux, and it can be used with Apache on Linux and Microsoft IIS on Windows.

In addition to manipulating the dynamic content of your web pages, Recital Web can also send HTTP headers so that your web applications can set cookies, manage authentication, and redirect users.

The Recital Web engine processes everything between those tags in page with an ".rsp" file extension.

Recital Web's scripting language syntax is compatible with Recital, FoxPRO, FoxBASE and the Clipper programming languages so if you know any of these programming languages you can be productive immediately!


Key Features
  • Scripting language is compatible with FoxPro 2.6, FoxBASE, and Clipper
  • Just-in-time compiled for performance
  • Works with both Apache and Microsoft IIS
  • Uses standard security/authentication of either Apache or IIS including "https" support
  • Navigational and SQL data access
  • Cross-platform support; Linux and Windows
  • High performance using Row level locking
  • Superior performance using Recital SmartQuery
  • Flexible data access controls with table, column and field-level protection
  • Databases can be optionally encrypted using DES3 encryption
  • Access to Recital, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, and Informix C-ISAM data is handled natively
  • World class highly responsive customer support
  • Supports Very Large Databases (tables larger than 2GB) up to 2^63 bytes
  • Supports MySQL SQL syntax
  • NEW! Recital Cluster Edition for high scaleability and fault tolerance

System Requirements
  • Intel® / AMD™ 32 bit Linux
  • Intel® / AMD™ 64 bit Linux
  • Intel® Linux Redhat 7.2 and above
  • Other Intel® Linux requires kernel >= 2.4
  • Apache 2.2 and above on Linux, Unix and Mac OS X
  • Microsoft IIS on Windows

Large File Support is available for both Windows and Linux. Linux Large File Support requires glibc >= 2.2 and an ext2 file system

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