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Recital Server

The Recital Server is a cross-platform SQL database and application server that can natively access Recital, FoxPro, FoxBASE, Clipper, and CISAM data.
The Recital Server SQL engine has integrated support for writing server-side stored procedures in Recital, FoxPro, FoxBASE, and Clipper. No additional database software needs to be installed to achieve this functionality as it is all handled internally by the Recital Server.

The Recital Server is the perfect database and application server for small and mid-sized enterprises (SME). It has been refined for over 20 years with a focus on the issues that are key to the SME: delivering consistently superb application performance, long term reliable operation without requiring a database administrator, self tuning and self optimizing, simple and fast installation, easy upgrades, years of backward compatibility and responsive technical support.


Key Features
  • Database and application server
  • Supports ANSI SQL syntax
  • Supports MySQL SQL syntax including running .sql files
  • Native access to Recital, FoxPro, dBase, Clipper, Informix C-ISAM and RMS data
  • Active Data Dictionary for business rules and access control
  • High performance using row level locking
  • Flexible data access controls with table, column and field-level user permissions
  • Databases can be encrypted using DES3 encryption
  • Supports stored procedures, triggers and user-defined functions written in Recital, FoxPro, dBase, or Clipper
  • Stored procedures are just-in-time compiled for performance
  • Supports Very Large Databases (tables larger than 2GB) up to 2^63 bytes
  • Includes royalty free client drivers for ODBC, JDBC and .NET Data Provider
  • World class highly responsive customer support
  • NEW! Recital Server Cluster Edition for high scaleability and fault tolerance

System Requirements
  • Intel® / AMD™ 32 bit Linux
  • Intel® / AMD™ 64 bit Linux
  • .NET Data Provider requires the Microsoft .NET Framework
  • JDBC Driver requires Sun JVM
  • ODBC Driver available available for Windows, UNIX and Linux

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