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Recital Company Information

Company Background

Recital Software provide a unique solution that includes a blend of cross-platform database development tools, systems integration, consulting, support, and training. 

For over 20 years Recital products have been used extensively in Banking, Logistics, POS and systems requiring reliable and consistent response times and high transaction throughput. Our product range is continually being developed and enhanced and is supported worldwide by our experienced support team and network of resellers.

Recital's three offices — serving the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific regions — deliver a comprehensive range of products, development and support services to our customers worldwide. 
At work in thousands of sites globally, the company has flourished through a network of VARs who use Recital Software to build highly functional and scalable applications. 

Recital delivers

Recital Software supplies application development, deployment, and management technology focused on transaction-oriented applications for the Internet and other cross-computing platforms. 
Recital has an unbeatable track record of delivering products that work and that solve real business problems. Many vendors make this claim, but "Recital delivers". 
Our products get the job done-quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our customers tell us that their Recital based solutions work reliably for years-so reliably that they're able to focus their attention on meeting business demands rather than the underlying technology. Whatever the platform, whatever the data-source, whatever the operating system, the way through the woods is Recital.

What you get from Recital products

Recital delivers technology that helps you cost-effectively and reliably develop, deploy, and manage business-critical applications. It's what we've always done and we do it better than anyone else. 
With every Recital product, you can count on: 
  • High Productivity. Your developers are extremely productive as they create, test, deploy, and update complex applications—putting applications on users' desktops in record time. 
  • Low Cost of Ownership. Recital solutions give you the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. You benefit from highly cost-effective implementation, administration and maintenance. 
  • Scalability. When companies grow or acquire new companies, applications must support new users as efficiently as before. And when businesses offer access over extranets or the Internet, applications must be able to handle an unpredictable, even exponential growth in users. With Recital products, you can scale without ever changing technologies. 
  • World Class Support . Should you ever need help getting the most out of our products, our technical support team is available by email, phone or fax to answer your technical questions about our products. We'll provide the kind of support you'll need during development and afterwards.

Our Services to you 

Recital offers professional services to ensure that your business applications keep working for you. We are known for working closely with our customers to install, configure, customize, integrate, troubleshoot, educate and consult based on our Customers' requirements.

The future

Recital is dedicated to delivering what our customers really need. We will continue to take pride in the fact that our technology delivers real business benefits. With these points in mind, we will continue to deliver the products you need to stay competitive.

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