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Name Recital 10.0.3 for linux x86 and x86_64

Recital 10 installer for Linux x32 and x64. The download contains the following:

  • Recital Developer
  • Recital Server
  • Recital Client Drivers (ODBC and JDBC)
  • Recital Web (includes apache plugin)
  • Samples

Recital express license

When run unlicensed, Recital products run with a Recital express license. A Recital Express license is for personal "non commercial use only" and can be used to develop applications for desktop or batch operation. It is a single-user license which does not allow multi-user data access. If you need to evaluate Recital products in a multi-user environment please contact sales to request a trial license.

System requirements

  • Intel Linux kernel >= 2.4 (redhat, centos, fedora, ubuntu)
  • 64 bit Linux requires the 32 bit zlib-devel and pam libraries.  Please see additional information here.

Installation Instructions

    • Download the installer into a temporary directory
    • Login as root (or run installer with sudo)
    • Run the installer from a terminal window
# cd download_directory
# chmod +x downloaded_filename     
# ./downloaded_filename     
    • Follow the instructions in the installer dialog
    • Run Recital as root/with sudo to configure the compatibility settings
# recital    
$ sudo recital    
    • Save the compatibility settings, then quit Recital
> quit    

Getting started

You can run recital from a terminal window by typing:

$ recital
Full documentation can be found on this website in the documentation wiki.
License Recital
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