Verifying Database Integrity

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The Recital database integrity verification tool, recitalintegrity, is used to check for, and if required correct, errors found in Recital tables, indexes and memo files.

Using the recitalintegity Command to Verify Data

The recitalintegity command can operate on an individual table, a database, a directory or a directory structure. The options below are used to specify the target data, configure the output displayed and control the correction of errors.

Options Description
-f <table> table to verify
-d <directory> directory to verify
-D <database> database to verify
-r recursively process subdirectories
-y repair data if errors are found
-q only display errors
-a verbose mode
--help, -h display the usage information

# recitalintegrity -D southwind -a

Correcting Corrupted Data

The -y flag is used to signal that any errors found should be corrected.

# recitalintegrity -D southwind -a -y