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The recitalrestore utility is is used to restore a backup archive created using the recitaldump command. The recitaldump command can be used to create a machine independent backup of a database or directory which is restored onto a target system using recitalrestore.

Note: recitalrestore must be run as root. For systems with a hidden root account, please precede commands with sudo.

The recitalrestore command takes the following arguments.


Using the --help or -h argument will display a list of arguments for all the services.

 recitalrestore --help

-i infile

Specify the input backup file that was created from recitaldump to restore from. If the backup is of a directory, the full path name of the backup file must be specified.

 recitalrestore -i /tmp/application.tar.gz

For a database, only the file name need be given.

 recitalrestore -i southwind.tar.gz

[ -q ]

Run in quiet mode.

 recitalrestore -i southwind.tar.gz -q

[ -v ]

Run in verbose mode.

 recitalrestore -i southwind.tar.gz -v