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Welcome to the Katria Technology Documentation Wiki

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This Documentation Portal uses MediaWiki. Select what you want to do from the menu above.

Converting existing documents to mediawiki markup

There is a good explanation here

Converting Microsoft Word documents to MediaWiki format on Windows

You can convert word documents to mediawiki format with this plugin for word on windows.

Converting Microsoft Word documents to MediaWiki format on the Mac

Since OpenOffice 2.4, OpenOffice can now export documents to mediawiki format. Since OpenOffice can also read MS Word documents, this allows OpenOffice to serve as a Word to MediaWiki converter on the Mac, Linux or Windows.

How to add wiki articles to our Documentation

  • Write your new wiki article by typing in the name of the article you want to create in the "Create/Edit Wiki Page" form
  • Update the wiki page "Documentation" and add a link to your new wiki article.

How to link to wiki pages from Joomla articles

  • In the Joomla article just insert the name of a wiki page surrounded by double square-brackets e.g.

How to reference wiki articles from menus and external sites